We're a father-daughter duo who believes in old-school, hand-written notes, transforming your photos into a thing of beauty and making YOU happy!

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Never did we think we would own our own business. It seemed scary, daunting and unrealistic.

Then, after spending more than 25 years in the corporate world, my dad, Sam Castellino, got the itch. He left his comfort zone and started out on a new venture -- the printing business. He learned about foil printing, offset printing, margins that bleed vs. margins that don't bleed, the differences between 80-lb and 100-lb cover stock, FSC paper, slitters, cutters, scoring machines, etc., en route to opening Foil Graphics Gifts & Printing in 1996.

My dad's accomplishments, in a field he initially knew nothing about, have amazed me. He can navigate a computer like no one I've ever seen (no, I'm not exaggerating); he works a printing press with ease; and he can spot the tiniest detail that is wrong, such as a margin that's off by one-eighth of an inch, or a color that has more magenta in it than cyan.

Foil Graphics Gifts & Printing has flourished. In 1999, it expanded into the full service commercial printing market with full color printing – using both offset and digital technologies. Since that time, the company's expertise in stationery printing has helped them secure stationery designers as wholesale printing customers. Our new ESTY site will offer both licensed products from these artists as well as our own original designs.

Foil Graphics has been a Accredited Better Business Bureau Company since 1999, achieving an A+ rating.

While Foil Graphics has operated a personalized product web site since 1999, we believe ETSY is the perfect venue to reach those buyers who will most enjoy the products we are offering.

Because we are so customer focused, we have earned our customers' loyalty and have retained many of them for more than 10 years! Foil Graphics (and "The Enchanted Envelope") are big enough to serve your needs and small enough to respond to you quickly and listen to what you have to say.

So, where do I, Mandy Housenick, fit in?

I went to Syracuse University and majored in newspaper, so my love for the written word dates back more than 20 when I wrote my first story at age 16 for The Times Leader in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. I spent 13 years as a sports writer, with highlights that include covering the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament and the Phillies from 2004-2013 (including five playoff runs and two World Series).

I loved it. And it helped I met my husband on the job and we got to share our passion. The problem is it's a career that, when two spouses are in it, it makes it nearly impossible to have a family. Crazy days off. Even crazier hours.

So, when we finally had our daughter, our little miracle, Sikora Grace (after much heartache), I knew I wanted to spend time with her, but I also wanted to contribute financially to our family. My dad and I chatted, and the idea of an ETSY shop was born. I've learned graphic design, something that has been fascinating.

Perhaps the best parts are (1) I get to work with my dad; and (2) I've realized that I LOVE being in business for myself. Guess it has been passed down from generation to generation: my mom's parents owned a restaurant; my dad's parents owned a tailor shop. And here are my dad and I, keeping the tradition going.

Please help us make "The Enchanted Envelope" a success. We know you'll love our products as much as we do.

By the way: Don't be surprised if you get a note from us!

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